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May 19th, 2015

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The Almost Impossible Game Show

May 19th, 2015

From The Makers of ‘Deal or No Deal’ comes a game show that’s Impossible. Well….almost! You don’t have to be a Gladiator or a Ninja Warrior to apply just up for a laugh and prepared to take on a series of bonkers challenges! Do you have what it takes to try, try and try again?! Then email: impossible@endemoluk.com

(Groups of friends, family members, colleagues or housemates welcome to apply together)

The biggest Box 23 buys!

April 22nd, 2015

Deal or No Deal was always played with 22 boxes for £250,000 until January 1st, 2014. That’s when The Banker’s mother decided to make things a little trickier for her son (nice of her, eh?) and introduce a 23rd box. Wait, we’ll let her explain…

Andy became the latest contestant to buy box 23 so we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the biggest Box 23 buys of this series so far.

Wednesday 22nd April: Andy brought Box 23 for £10,000, which contained ‘double’ – total winnings £20,000


Wednesday 15th April: Litsa brought Box 23 for £5,000, which contained ‘money back’ – total winnings £5,000


Friday 20th March: Maurice brought Box 23 for £3,300, which contained ‘+£10k’ – total winnings £13,300


Friday 6th February: John brought Box 23 for £15,000, which contained ‘nothing’ – total winnings nothing!


Thursday 29th January: Carrie brought Box 23 for £17,500, which contained ‘half’ – total winnings £8,750!


Would you be brave enough to buy Box 23? Leave us a reply to let us know…

There’s Box 23 drama every weekday at 3pm on Channel 4 – join us then!

Play our brand new app ‘Deal or No Deal – Noel’s Quiz’ for free!

March 19th, 2015

Blog-RectangleYou can take on the infamous Banker and your friends in our brand new app ‘Deal or No Deal – Noel’s Quiz’, which brings all the nail-biting action from the Dream Factory straight to your phone or tablet. Pick your lucky box and try to answer over 3,000 fun trivia questions in single player mode or by challenging your friends in head to head.

As on the TV show, 22 identical sealed boxes lie in the wings containing values ranging from 1p to £250,000. You must answer general knowledge questions against the clock. Correct answers earn valuable Power Ups such as X-Ray Vision, Colour Reveal and Hot Shelf, all of which can be used to help find that 1p box and potentially transform your game.

Noel Edmonds said ‘I’ve lost count of the number of Deal or No Deal fans who have stopped me in the street to ask how they can get to play the game. With this app they can take the Walk of Wealth wherever and whenever they like and I can’t wait for them to spank The Banker on it.’

Are you ready for the questions?


Bristol’s best day out just got better!

March 4th, 2015

AudienceBusBlogIs the cost of travelling preventing you from being a Pilgrim? We’re delighted to announce from Monday 16th March 2015, you can catch the Deal or No Deal shuttle bus for free from designated stops in Bristol including the Bus Station and Temple Meads train station to take you straight to the Dream Factory!

You can view the timetables here

To request your free audience tickets and reserve your seat on our bus call 0117 3160888*

We can’t wait to see you!

*Standard network rate apply. Mobile rates may vary.


January 30th, 2015

Couples_BloStarts Monday 9th February on Channel 4.

It’s the start of a very special week in the Dream Factory as for the first time ever, couples will take the Walk of Wealth to play Deal or No Deal together. But will they stay that way?

Noel takes on the role of host and mediator as he welcomes eleven couples to the wings, ready to do battle with the meanest man in telly –The Banker. With only five chances to play not everyone is guaranteed a place at the Pound Table, meaning some couples will be left wondering what could have been.

There might be two players, but that doesn’t mean The Banker is going to make life easy as he introduces the perilous ‘Banker’s Break Up’ quiz. Answer eight or more questions about each other correctly and the lucky pair will win a holiday. Get three or more questions wrong and he will quite literally split them up at his discretion, sending one person to the isolation room with no way of helping their partner make any further decisions in the game. However, with The Banker in charge, anything can happen and he is sure to do all he can to make the separation as agonising as possible.

Noel said ‘I’ve always found players’ differing approaches to Deal or No Deal fascinating and I’m intrigued to see how two sets of opinions will play out during the game. These specials promise to be some of the most nail-biting and unpredictable games we have seen on Deal. Let’s hope our couples are still together when they leave the studio!’

With twice the players, twice the pressure and twice the chance to take home a potential £500,000, will our couples games’ prove to be twice as nice? Tune in to these brand new and unmissable shows to find out.

Happy New Year from Deal or No Deal!

January 12th, 2015

The Dream Factory doors opened with a bang at the start of 2015 so let’s go through what’s new this year.

The contestants have a new look Offer Button to help them take control of their game and force The Banker to give an offer on the spot.



To win the Offer Button, the contestants must correctly predict The Banker’s opening offer. New to 2015, The Banker places his opening offer into the capsule which gets sent to Noel in the loot shoot.


Perhaps the most noticeable change has been Noel’s look. Those infamous shirts have been hung up for the final time and we think he looks rather dapper all suited and booted.



Don’t miss a second of Deal or No Deal in 2015 – it promises to be the best year yet!

The BIGGEST wins of 2014 on Deal or No Deal

December 10th, 2014

We’ve seen some mega-money wins in the Dream Factory over the years and 2014 was no exception.

Pat Crick from Bromley walked away with a life-changing £170k on the 10th March. Pat was left with the ‘Dream Finish’ of £100k and £250k, and with the additional twist of Box 23, a potential £500k was up for grabs. The Banker had no choice but to make his highest ever offer.


We had two £50k wins in 2014 with Stan ‘The Man’ playing a brilliantly bold game, surprising everyone by going all the way to the end. Laura also won £50k by holding her nerve, saying she believed there was a large red in her box throughout her game.

Stan Laura

Q: What did Annalynn and Gill have in common during 2014? A: They both took £75k from The Banker!

Annalynn was The Banker’s assistant during Love HQ but that didn’t stop her going all the way to the end to win the £75k in her box.

Gill also held out to the end but when Noel flipped the lid of the ‘Death Box’, there was no money amount stuck to the lid! It had fallen inside the box so the independent adjudicator was called up to reveal that Gill had won the life changing £75k.

Annalyn Gill

Our themed weeks always deliver extra drama but this year’s Halloween shows brought a big treat for Bill. Having won the Offer Button, Bill had the presence of mind to use it at the perfect time, securing an £80k deal and a holiday to Goa.


But the highlight of 2014 has to be Roop who was crowned our 7th quarter millionaire during the Love HQ specials. Amazingly, if Roop had bought Box 23 he could’ve been our first ever winner of a massive half a million pounds!



Will we crown our first £500k winner in 2015? Keep tuning in to Deal or No Deal to find out.

Deal or No Deal’s Merry Christmas!

December 9th, 2014



The fun-packed festivities on Deal or No Deal’s Merry Christmas air on Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd and Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th December on Channel 4. 

Snow is falling, sleigh bells are ringing and chestnuts are roasting meaning only one thing – Christmas is coming to The Dream Factory.

The Deal or No Deal contestants take to the wings in their seasonal finery in the hope of receiving some Christmas cheer from those infamous red boxes.

Each day will see Noel reach dizzying new heights of festive fashion as he sports one of four colourful Christmas jumpers, designed and made especially for him by local knitting groups.

As ever, the Grinch himself, The Banker will be trying to ruin everyone’s Christmas by sending our contestants home with as little money as possible. But with an opportunity to win a dream holiday by delivering presents from Santa’s Sleigh against the clock, there’s every chance Christmas could come early for our contestants. Either way, these seasonal specials will be ones that you don’t want to miss!

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Apply for Two Tribes with Richard Osman!

November 13th, 2014

TwoTribesBlogThe makers of Deal or No Deal are looking for contestants for the second series of Two Tribes.

The quiz that puts both your knowledge and your personality to the test!

Are you ready to decide which tribe you would be on?

If you’re quick thinking, confident and have good general knowledge please email twotribes@endemoluk.com for an application form.


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