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Celebrate Easter in the Dream Factory

April 17th, 2014

EasterBlogWe’re celebrating Easter here in the Dream Factory and we’re going to have a cracking time! Our contestants and Pilgrims are all hopping mad wearing fluffy bunny ears. We have beautiful daffodils and grass decorating our eggcellent studio and all 23 boxes have been designed by the residents of Trinity Care Service and the Southville Centre.

So join us in the Dream factory for some eggstraordinary games this Easter:

Good Friday – 3.30pm Channel 4

Easter Sunday – 4.30pm Channel 4

Easter Monday – 3.30pm Channel 4

That’s all yolks!

Quick! Last few audience seats of Series 10 available

April 3rd, 2014

Pilgrim_Blog2Have you ever wanted to watch Deal or No Deal being recorded? YOU can experience the thrill of a live TV studio!


The Deal or No Deal audience team are booking up for the last few weeks of Series 10 so don’t delay and apply today! You might even get to see one of our ‘special’ shows.

Our new studio is within the south west’s biggest dedicated production space – The Bottle Yard, which has been custom built to house the show you all know and love.

We are also pleased to announce that we can now offer you a free parking space which we hope will ensure your visit is not only immensely entertaining but also hassle free!

Watch an exclusive insight into what it’s like to be one of our infamous Pilgrims HERE >>>

Roop’s road to being a Quarter Millionaire!

March 14th, 2014

Roop_BlogRoop Singh, a 54 year old Sikh Storyteller, celebrated after winning £250K in the hit TV show Deal or No Deal. The freelance Storyteller and Indian cultural specialist said it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

“I was inspired to apply for the game show by my late father, Sardar Madan Singh, Dad was an avid supporter of Deal or No Deal and watched every programme religiously, what really amazed him the most about the show was the fact that anyone from any walk of life could apply and possibly be on the show.”

Roop continued “The whole experience has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride! I’ve learned a lot about myself and believe it or not I found a new confidence within myself.

My wife and family were tremendous supports too and backed me all the way. The night before my game my daughter quite innocently said ‘dad, I want confetti’ meaning win the £250K and you will be showered with confetti. That little statement brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye and within a split second I had made up my mind that I will do my very best to get it for her.

When I was offered £46K all I could think of was ‘Dad, I want confetti’ At this stage my wife and daughter was screaming for me to deal, but I could not hear them, all I could hear was last night’s ‘Dad I want confetti’ and I said ‘No Deal’

I still cannot fully remember what happened next but I do remember the confetti and everyone hugging and congratulating me.

Once the cheers died down there was still one last twist to come …… 23!

I remember turning to my daughter and said, ‘you’ve got the confetti, if I go for box 23 you will get fireworks!’

She replied ‘Dad, I don’t do fireworks’.I looked at Noel straight in the eye and said ‘No’

The money is/has been carefully invested so that a drip feed of interest can keep things ticking over and I’ve since bought a few pressies for my family and friends and a bike for myself, I will also be sending some money to the charities that I support. I can also plan the coast line of Britain tour which I’m planning for around July/August.

I still want to continue with my schools visits, but this time I’ll be able to give generous discounts courtesy of The Banker.”’

Watch Roop speak to Miss Payment in an exclusive video interview >>>

You can hear Roop Singh’s stories and can contact him via his website

We caught up with 2013′s Christmas Star Ian Taylor

March 12th, 2014

IanCommunity Support Officer Ian was Deal or No Deal’s 2013 Christmas Star. He was handpicked to play Deal or No Deal because he is a true role model who goes above and beyond to help his community. Ian began with humble beings growing up on a council estate in Taunton. He has worked hard not just for himself but the people around him, he’s a great believer that you can achieve your goals and dreams by staying focused and working hard. We caught up with Ian to find out how life is after Deal or No Deal.

Hi Ian, how are you?
I am very well thanks and still smiling from my time in the Dream Factory. Although I still think back to why I didn’t go one more or even all the way, the jackpot was there!

How did you celebrate your New Year?
I celebrated the New Year with friends and family, with a small party to watch the show and help celebrate such a fantastic experience.

Now you’ve had time to digest your time in the Dream Factory, how was it?
When I think back now to my time in the Dream Factory all I can think of is WOW, it’s really hard to describe in words, the emotions you feel when you take the Crazy Chair are off the scale. The Pilgrims get right behind you and Noel is really reassuring and helps you through those emotions. I will never forget my time there and would do anything to be able to play again.

Did you enjoy watching your show on TV? Did you have friends and family over to watch it with you?
As for watching myself on TV, it was quite embarrassing probably because I see what I do as not very much and just do it in my stride. Putting that aside it was great, so nice to see all my friends family and collages together amazing.

Would you say you’ve become something of a local celebrity since your show was on TV?
A local celebrity? No! Although I have had “Hey you’re that guy from Deal or No Deal” a few times when attending jobs and even when I go to the football.

What was the response in your community when they saw your show?
The people in my local community have been great, asking how it was and if I had any plans for the money and have I asked Danni to marry me yet (I haven’t)

You took £19K from The Banker, how has the money helped to fulfil your dreams?
The £19k has had a massive affect on my life, it has opened so many other avenues of life that I just wouldn’t have been able to afford before, I have used some of the money to supply the toddler group that I support with some much needed new toys, I plan to take the Dream Scheme for lunch during our next community project. The remaining I have saved and hope to use as a deposit on a home.

You also received a heap of gifts including a trip to Old Trafford. How was it?
The gifts I received were lovely, I really didn’t expect them, the trip to watch Manchester United was just first class, not only was it good for me but my brother Peter is probably their biggest fan but had never been, so to take him with me was amazing and we both had a fantastic time. I have got lots of use of out the bike and tablet.

What are you plans for 2014?
My plans for 2014 are to hopefully purchase my first home, run a selection of half marathons for both charity and fun, and enjoy time with family friends.

What advice would you give to inspiring contestants?
My advice to anyone that is thinking about applying for Deal or No Deal is to be yourself!!! Enjoy every moment. It will be one the greatest experiences of your life and only happens once.

Deal! Pat receives highest ever offer on Deal or No Deal

March 10th, 2014

PatBlogToday’s Deal or No Deal saw the highest ever Banker offer in the show’s history when 64 year-old Patricia from Bromley walked away with a life changing £170,000!

Watch Pat’s exclusive video interview with Miss Payment >>>

It was an incredible game which saw Pat end with the dream finish of the two highest possible boxes in the game, £100,000 and £250,000. And with the additional twist of box 23 and a potential £500,000 up for grabs the Banker had no choice but to make his highest ever offer. Fortunately for Pat she took the £170,000 offer as she had the £100,000 box on the table, meaning she gave the Banker a true spanking!

Retired Pat revealed at the start of the show that she had been working as a PA in the banking industry for over 20 years and was used to dealing with bankers in foul moods! She explained that she wanted to spend any winnings on her children and grandchildren, especially to help out in any way with granddaughters Lucy, who would benefit from speech therapy, and Rebecca who has walking difficulties after being born prematurely.

Having declared ‘it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish’ Pat truly lived up to her word. With a shaky first round and an initial offer of £3,500, Pat steadily worked her way through the board. After turning down an offer of £12,000 Pat decided to play her lucky numbers chosen for her by her grandchildren and what followed next was an incredible run of blues. The Banker was sensing trouble and offered an extremely tempting offer of £32,000.

However Pat’s determination to get as much money as possible to help her grandchildren saw her make a brave decision and see the game through all the way to the end! Going on to eliminate all but the highest two boxes in the game, Pat found herself in the best possible position for any Deal or No Deal player and received a record £170,000 offer.

Deciding to take the offer and revealing the £100,000 in her box Pat then had the agonising decision whether or not to buy box 23. Containing five possible outcomes, players can use their reasoning and judgment to decide whether Box 23 could be a potential advantage to them. If they buy box 23 they could double their winnings, take home an additional £10,000, maintain their position, halve their winnings or leave with nothing. Pat decided not to buy the box which would have added £10,000 to her winnings, but as she pointed out, when leaving with £170,000 ‘what’s £10,000 between friends’!

A day in the life of a Pilgrim: Val

February 27th, 2014

VALPilgrims are the bread and butter of the Dream Factory. Here at Deal or No Deal we value our audience because without them we wouldn’t have a show! Our Pilgrims act as a 23rd contestant, lending support and playing a vital role in every game.

We now have a Pilgrim of the Day who brings Box 23 to the Pound Table so we spoke to Val about her recent pilgrimage.

Where have you travelled from today? 

A little village called Clutton seven miles from Bristol.

Why have you come down to be a Pilgrim at the Dream Factory?

To see it and be a part of it, it’s exciting!

What do you think of our Deal or No Deal audience team?

Oh great, they put you in the mood straight away for having a good time.

Do you feel a part of the contestant’s game and which emotions do you go through when you are watching the show live?

All of them, you definitely feel a part of their family.

What do you think of Noel?

I think he’s great, don’t know of any other presenter who could do it so well. Known him since his Mr Blobby days, I think he has got better and more handsome.

What do you think of The Banker? Do you boo or cheer him?

Sometimes I cheer him if I think it’s a very good offer, but think on the whole it’s a boo.

Would you recommend being in the audience to your friends and family?

Oh definitely, definitely!

Sum up your Deal or No Deal experience in three words…

Exciting, enthralling and ambiance.

If YOU want your chance to be Pilgrim of the Day, request your FREE audience tickets today >>>

Your love messages delivered to Love HQ

February 13th, 2014

LoveweekWe asked YOU for your Love Messages and you didn’t disappoint. Lots of you got involved by tweeting, emailing, commenting on our Blog and Facebook page. We loved reading ALL the messages but here’s a small selection to help celebrate Valentine’s Day!


@mrsessex48 @dealornodeal Gerry 30 years together they said it wouldn’t last. love you xxxx #LOVEHQ

@ATP_3 @dealornodeal Roses are red, boxes are too, @OfficialBanker I for one, really love you!

@LordMcLennan @dealornodeal love my beautiful wife Paige together 10yrs Married 6yrs, #LoveHQ


Clare M: #LoveHQ To my darling John and my 2 beautiful babies, Ciarán and Olivia, I love you more than life itself, all my love Clare (mummy) xxxxx

James W: To my love Emma Dykes, will you marry me? Deal or No Deal x

Trina H: Be my Valentine Noel !


Catherine M:  I love you Ian Moate thank you for the 10 years of marriage, I could not have picked a better hubby than you. Now be quiet I am watching deal or no deal xxx

Vivienne S: Sending all my love to my fabulous husband. He is the cutest man who makes me laugh and makes me feel great every day. 9 years together.  Love him to bits. XXX

Welf: Sending all my love to my wife of 33 years and thanking her for two fantastic children, and we now also have a fabulous granddaughter, how lucky am I. Best wishes


Please could you tell my husband of 45 years that I love him very much and will do so until the end of time, he is my soul mate and friend. His name is Graham and I am Patricia. We watch the show every day and if we are away it is either recorded or watched via 40D

Thank you very much

We’ve crowned our seventh Quarter Millionaire during Love HQ!

February 12th, 2014

Roop5pmRoop Singh from Leeds became the seventh person to bag £250K from The Banker and only the second ever male Quarter Millionaire in our eight year history.

Watch his exclusive interview with Miss Payment here >>>

It was a precarious game which saw brave Roop go all the way to the end to despite having just £5, £100, £500, £1,000 and the £250,000 in his last five boxes! And with the additional twist of box 23, Roop almost walked away with an incredible £500,000!

Ropp, 54, who was joined in the Dream Factory by his wife and one of his daughters, is a Sikh storyteller and lay priest. Roop said of his win “The night before my game my daughter quite innocently said ‘Dad, I want confetti’. When I was offered £46K all I could think of was ‘Dad, I want confetti’ and I said ‘No Deal’. I still cannot fully remember what happened next but I do remember the confetti and everyone hugging and congratulating me.”

Roop’s intention to go all the way was clear from the start as he ploughed through his game, at times even forgetting to answer The Banker’s all important question ‘Deal or No Deal?’. In the first five rounds, the highest offer from The Banker was £10,000, with the Banker at one point claiming that Roop would never make it all the way as he was taking out too many reds!

As it was a special themed show, Roop had the opportunity to take part in a challenge that saw him fire an arrow at the lovers’ heart meaning he won not only a holiday but also the opportunity to finish his game one box at a time for his remaining 5 boxes. Going on to take out £1,000, £5 and £100, Roop received an incredible offer of £46,000 which despite his family’s advice, he turned down.

With £250,000 in one box and £500 in the other, the Dream Factory waited with bated breath as Noel revealed the contents of Roop’s box. The confetti fell and the Dream Factory erupted in celebration as the quarter million was shown to be in Roop’s box, but the game was still not complete. With the new addition of box 23, containing five possible outcomes, players can, if they calculate that it could potentially advantage them, buy box 23 to double their winnings, take home an additional £10,000, get their money back, half their winnings or leave with nothing. Meaning for the first time ever, we could have been crowning our first ever £500,000 winner or see the biggest loss in the show’s history.

Roop felt that four of the five outcomes would be worth purchasing box 23 for, however his family finally managed to dissuade him, which was just as well for The Banker as when the contents of Box 23 were revealed, if Roop had purchased it, he would have doubled his winnings!

Since his win, Roop says he has bought a few presents for his family and friends and a bike for himself, so he can cycle the coast line of Britain later this year. He also plans to donate money to the charities he supports.

Go backstage at Love HQ!

February 11th, 2014

LoveHQ_BLogHave you fallen in love with Deal or No Deal all over gain during Love HQ?

Under the watchful eye of Manager Mr Val Entine (aka Noel!) the staff of Love HQ (aka the players!) have been working overtime to make sure that no one in the world feels unloved at this special time of year.

Take a look behind the scenes >>>

Read about all the games so far >>>

Watch ‘Hot Rod’s’ Love Tips >>>

Read more about Roop and watch his exclusive video interview >>>

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Love is in the air for Deal or No Deal’s Love Week

January 27th, 2014

LoveweekDeal or No Deal is the place for LOVE this Valentine’s Day, as LOVE HQ, the celestial sorting office in the clouds, ensures that love finds a way to you!

Watch the video trailer here >>>

Under the watchful eye of Manager Mr Val Entine (aka Noel!) the staff of Love HQ (aka the players!) are working overtime to make sure that no one in the world feels unloved at this special time of year.

Love is also spreading to the pilgrims as each day we welcome back couples who found love on Deal to hear their personal love story.

Even The Banker appears to have been struck by cupid’s arrow as he offers players the chance to fire an arrow at the lovers’ heart to try and win a holiday and even the game play advantage of proceeding one box at a time if still in live play at 5 box.

Join us at Love HQ as we prepare for our busiest time of year. Could cupid be a lucky charm for our players chasing that elusive £500,000 jackpot? Will Box 23 play a part in the romance?

Deal or No Deal: Love HQ 10th – 16th February on Channel 4.


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