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The Double or Nothing gamble

Friday, November 13th, 2009
Caz was offered the Double or Nothing gamble

Caz was offered the Double or Nothing gamble

When a player takes the Walk of Wealth they are assured that they will leave with something, even if it is the 1p. Well that all changed when the Banker invented the double or nothing gamble.

The first player to meet this devilish twist was Lee Whitehouse in November 2008. Lee’s game was never destined to be a mega money game. He went all the way leaving £1 and £10 as the last two amounts. Making Lee’s game one of the unluckiest in Deal or No Deal history. Noel was about to open Lee’s box to finish the game when he was interrupted by the Banker. Noel explained that if £10 was inside Lee’s box, the Banker would increase his winnings to £510. However if Lee’s box contained £1 he would then become the first player to win absolutely nothing! Lee took the gamble and Noel flipped the lid to see £1. Lee was entered into Deal or No Deal’s Hall of Fame.

The Banker held off until April 2009 before offering the double or nothing gamble for a second time. Daimon a wheelchair bound taxi driver from Middlesex played during an Easter special where three golden eggs had a massive influence. Daimon hadn’t been tempted by any of the Banker’s offers and went all the way to the end. Noel even opened his box to reveal Daimon’s winnings of £5,000. That didn’t stop the Banker from offering what he described at the time as an ‘egg gamble’. Noel explained that Daimon would have two attempts to find the good egg, if discovered the Banker would pay out £10,000. However if Daimon found both bad eggs he would go away with absolutely nothing. Daimon took the gamble and heartbreakingly found both bad eggs. That unbelievably led to Daimon retuning the £5,000 he had just won to the Banker.

The double or nothing gamble made a shock return this week! Part-time karaoke singer Caz was left with £100 and £3,000 as her final two amounts. An offer of £1,000 was snubbed and the double or nothing gamble was accepted. The Banker couldn’t resist telling Caz that he had offered this gamble only twice before and that both players had left with nothing. Did Caz complete the Banker’s hat trick of victories or would she reap some revenge?

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