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Good luck Olly

Friday, December 4th, 2009

X Factor has reached the Semi Finals and Deal or No Deal’s Olly Murs is looking to make it into the final three! We caught up with some past contestants who were on the show at the same time as Olly who wanted to share their messages of support:

Kenny – “I was probably on about five shows with Olly. Every Saturday I and other past contestants ring up to vote for him, we are all rooting for him.”

– “A massive congratulations Olly! You have come so far since our days on Deal or no Deal, when you would always cheer us up. Olly used to sing to us on the coach going from the hotel to the studio at an unearthly hour! We all loved it though!

You are a real genuine guy Olly, you never moaned, always had a smile….and not to mention a few groovy moves for everyone. Your show on DoND wasn’t that successful, but Noel was impressed with you and his words were so right ‘you don’t have failure written over you,’ spooky eh! You will be a very successful pop star, and I feel so proud and honoured to say to my friends I know Olly Murs and he is a really nice guy! Sending love and hugs and parcels of good luck, Patricia x x x”

Clive – “He’s done a proper job!”

Ian – “I was on the show at the same time as Olly, he was a really great guy during the recordings and what you see on X Factor now is how he was on DoND.  A lot of the time he was the ‘warm-up man’ on the coach in the morning, singing us a song to get the mood going ready for our first recording of the day.  Some time later he showed his dance moves when we were invited to a birthday party of another past contestant, so we all knew then he was pretty special.  So my message would be that we’re all voting for a thoroughly great guy who I’m lucky to have met.  The man can sing, dance and is great fun to be with.  A definite winner and hope he goes all the way.  Good luck Olly and glad you learned from my moves at the party!”

Brian – “All the best to the lad, I hope he does it! I wish him all the best and hope he makes a success of it.”

Deb – “I arrived at DoND with Olly and we even got put next to each other in the East Wing. He was always the joker and oozed charm; you just instantly liked the guy. We would joke and mess about on the Wings. I was gutted for Olly though winning only a tenner. But hey, let’s face it; he is going to be making a lot of tenners now!

At the hotel after filming the shows he was always full of energy doing those moves he does on X Factor and singing all the time.  When he sang you couldn’t help but think he would go far as a singer, he told me it was his dream to be a pop star. He is the most genuine down to earth lovely fella anyone will meet, what you see is what you get with Olly. I’ve already booked my tickets to go see him at the live tours next year!”

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What did Olly do with his £10?

Friday, November 20th, 2009

It is nearly the weekend which means just one thing, X Factor! Our very own Olly Murs will once again take to the stage to try and impress the judges. He made his TV debut in 2007 playing Deal or No Deal! Unfortunately Olly failed to beat the Banker and walked away with a mere £10, click here to watch the video >>>

Just for fun we are asking, what do you think Olly did with that £10?

Just leave a reply on this  blog post to give your answer and show your support for Olly!

Olly had the X Factor on Deal or No Deal

Friday, November 6th, 2009
Noel meets the X Factor star

Noel meets the X Factor star

Deal or No Deal has always had the X Factor but now even more so! Current X Factor finalist Olly Murs appeared on Deal or No Deal in 2007. He has since gone on to impress the nation along with Simon Cowell with his singing talents.  Olly may have proven that he has the X factor but how did he fair against The Banker?

Watch Now >>>


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