Deal or No Deal Live – Chris’s Game

Chris was stunned to be standing in the Dream Factory after Noel surprised the lifeboat volunteer at sea! He came on board with box 14 with his friends and family joining our ‘Red box club’ which included 100 years old, Joe! Everyone back in Bridlington lifeboat station was cheering Chris on including his two children.

Chris declined good amounts early on; £7.7K and £9.2K were not to be sniffed at. Chris was right to continue and gave our Chelsea pensioner, Joe a birthday kiss when the penny was found. Unfortunately things didn’t go swimmingly, Lauren revealed £75K.

The excitement in the Dream Factory built when Chris declined £11K and he continued well receiving a large fourth offer, £20K! After some emotional blackmail from The Banker, Noel asked the question – DEAL!

Chris could’ve doubled his winnings if he had gone on. Barnaby had the £250K which left £100K and 10p on the board. For the second time during the Live shows, The Banker offered his Banker Gamble! Chris stuck with what he had – NO DEAL. Noel flipped Chris’s box 14 to see £100K, which gave The Banker the last laugh.

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2 Responses to “Deal or No Deal Live – Chris’s Game”

  1. what a great show this is. Im sorry though Noel I have allways been faccinated by your shoes and having just watched you trip up the podium ,I couldnt stop laughing, and you were so cool about it,oooogh, I suppose thats me off the list. x

  2. Wyn Owen (Welf) says:

    Well Chris you may not get an ear full from your wife but I’m sure that your lovely children will be giving you some for not going for it. Never mind you played a good game and for a person that’s shy you came across very cool and calm. At least you have had your chance at sitting in the crazy chair which most of us won’t ever get and you came away with £20,000 so it wast a bad day at all.

    Best wishes


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